Statement on the Anti-ABA Movement

ABA Services of Colorado is doing our part to understand the perspective of the anti-ABA movement and identify what we can do as clinicians to make positive changes in the field of ABA. We make a commitment to our clients to celebrate neurodiversity and to create learning opportunities that are meaningful, assent based, and trauma informed. We believe that establishing trust between our therapists, clients, and their families is the backbone of compassionate care. We recognize that our field has been associated with trauma and interventions that have negatively impacted the autism community. We will continue to listen, reflect, and continually assess our practices for the betterment of the families and communities we work with. 

“Ours is not to dominate but to de-escalate or better yet prevent escalation in the first place. Ours is not to coerce (thank you, Murray Sidman!) but to listen, learn, guide, and coach. Ours is not to redirect, restrain, or merely manage and modify. Ours is to understand, share, and shape. Ours is to prioritize safety, rapport, and the televisibility of what we do above all else. We have proven that meaningful outcomes can follow when we prioritize these things (see” — Gregory Hanley, Ph.D., BCBA-D

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